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Here are some sayings of our holy prophet muhammad [sallullah alaihiya salaam] from hadiths.
a) Seeking knowledge ranks higher than worship.
b) To complete a good design is more meritorious that of begin it.
c) Entertain people according to their standing.
d) There is good in the foreheads of horses.
e) Allah will chastise those in the other world who persecute His people in this one.
f) Concentrate duly on any one aspect of a project and the other aspects will fall into place.
g) A slip of tongue is far worse than slipping of the foot.
h) Good descent is wealth and piety is nobility.
i) To think well of people is also worship.
j) Fear of Allah is the fount of wisdom.
k) The best charity on the part of a Muslim is to acquire knowledge and to impart it to others.
l) A neighbor has rights. I commend your neighbor to you.
m) When Allah bestows wealth on you, there should appear on you some token of His favor and grace.
n) When you return from a journey bring with you some gift even though it is no more than a smooth stone which you pick up and put in your bag.
o) Evil is the person who is led astray by his desires.
p) When a ruler begins to act upon suspicion, he involves the people in great hardship.
q) Next to faith in Allah, the best quality is kindness towards people.
r) Restrain your toungue and your passions and you will enter Paradise.
s) Moderation is half of happiness, and good behavior is half of Faith.
t) Brushing the teeth cleanses the mouth and pleases the Lord.
u) The dish most acceptable in the sight of Allah is one which is shared by many.
v) There are three on whom Allah will not look mercifully on the Day of Judgment: A lying ruler, an aged adulterer and an arrogant begger.
w) If Allah forgives you the way you treat animals, He will have forgiven you a great deal.
x) There is no good in one who does not exercise hospitality.
y) Wear loose trousers for they cover the limbs effectivel, and urge the women to do the same when they go out.
z) Exalt your homes by offering part of your prayers therein and do not convert them into graveyards.