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About Me


First of all, i do like to convey my Assalamualaikum to everyone of u who took the time out of ur  congested life to take a look at my website. I do also thanks ALLAH SWT for giving me the power to go on and to finish this website.This website is dedicated to everyone.. whom i know..that family, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends, uncles, aunties, loved ones and those who know me out there! May ALLAH bless all of you! Ameen Ameen Ya Rabbil Alameen!
I do like to thanks my loved ones for giving me the support and love and those are.. Shariff [Ali], Raheem, Munir, Niwas, Qadhiriyah Brothers & Sisters. Those whom i did not mention..count urself in..cause i love all those pple i mentioned alot and those who know me, u pple mean alot to me.. thats all..and this for those who want to know more about Islam. I am basically  a simple boy living in singapore..studying at the moment. May Allah bless..Nazeer ameen. He is also the error seeker and corrector of the website..he plays a major role in this website by spotting silly errors and inconsistency by me..thanks pal ur simply the best! All the credits goes to Shariff [Ali]. He is not only my best friend but a close brother. He taught me alot and i became enlightened thanks to AlLAH [S.W.T] & Rasullulah [S.A.W].. May Allah SWT and Rasullulah SAW be always pleased with Shariff [Ali]..thousands of barakats may be awarded to him..ameeeeen...k..hope all of u had a good time surfing my website..thanks alot..Assalamualaikum!
ISLAM is the way of LIFE & TRUTH. Rasullulah is our role model n we must live the way he lived and Allah is whom we must only worship! Subhanallahi Alhumdullilahi Walaahilaaha Illallahu Allah Hu Akbhar!
Those who are interested in knowing me or more about Islam
pls drop an email to boltwolf@Hotmail.Com or add me in msn or friendster. Assalamualaikum Waramathullahi Taala Wabaraqaathuhu

may the blessings of ALLAH SWT and the grace of RASULLULAH SALALLAHU ALAYHI WASALLAM be upon my cousin brother MUHAMMAD HABIBULLAH BIN MD HANIFFA who passed away on 31\12\2007 ameen. may he be granted JANNAH and forgiven of all his sins ameen ameen ya rabbal alameen! HE WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS AND MEMORIES.