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Dajjal (The Anti-Christ)

Dajjal will appear in the area between Syria and Iran. He will be sitting on a white donkey and will have one eye. He will have the Devil's power and will claim that he is Allah (subhana wa ta'ala).

At that time there will be a lot of food shortage, but Dajjal will have mountains of food with him. He will have a garden, which he will call Heaven, but in reality, it will be the Hell-fire. He will also have a fire with him, which he will call Hell, but in reality it will be Heaven. In thick letters, on his forehead, there will be written the letters "KAA FAA RAA" which means "Non-believer".

He will stay in the world for forty days: the first day will be equal to a year in length, the second day will be equal to one month, the third day will be equal to a week, and the other days will be the same as normal days. With the speed of the winds, he will go all around the world, except Makkah (Where the house of Allah is the Kabah) and Madinah (Where our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is buried) Many people will believe in him. He will go to a nation and say, "I am your God." They will all be Muslims, and will reply, "Oh one eyed Dajjal! We don't believe in you." So Dajjal will make them starve and their animals will die. Their harvest will be destroyed. They will sacrifice everything but will remain steadfast in their faith.

Then he will go to another nation and say, "Believe in me as your God". They will say, "Yes, we do". So Dajjal will give an order to the sky to rain, and it will rain. With this rain, the animals of the people who believe will fatten. Their harvest will increase more than normal. Then Dajjal will go to a place where there will be no population and he will give an order to the earth to take out its treasures. The earth will take out all of its treasures and it will collect behind Dajjal. When the people see this, they will believe in him even more.

Dajjal will show people strange things. Dajjal will call a person and say to him, "Believe in me that I am God." The man will refuse to believe him. Dajjal will make pieces of that man and then make him alive again, that person will then follow him. A Muslim nearby will say, "You made him alive but I still don't believe you. You are the one-eyed Dajjal."

Dajjal will meet another man and say to him, "If I make your camel alive, will you believe in me?" The man will say, "Yes." A devil will come in the shape of the camel. That man will believe that it is his camel.

There will be another man whose mother, father, and brothers have all died. Dajjal will say to him, "If I bring your family to life again will you believe in me?" The man will say, "Yes". Some devils will come in the form of his family members. This man will also believe in him. In this way he will try to make people say that he is God.

Then he will go to Asfahaan (a city in Iran). From there, seventy thousand Jews will join him. Then he will go to the border of Yemen. From there, he will try to enter Makkah and Madina, but the Angel will not let him enter any of the cities. The Angel will turn his head towards Syria and he will be in Syria again. Dajjal's soldiers will bring a Muslim to him Dajjal will ask him: "Do you believe that I am God?" The man will reply "No." Dajjal will cut the man into two halves, and will walk between the two halves. Dajjal will then make the man alive again, and will ask, "Do you believe that I am your God?" The man will reply, "You are the one eyed Dajjal that Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) told us about." Dajjal will try to kill him again but Allah will turn his body into copper, Dajjal will not be able to kill him again. Dajjal will throw him into a fire which he will have with him, which in reality will be Heaven. At that time this man will have the highest status in the world. And he will be Hazrat Khidar (alayhi salaam)

Then Dajjal will go towards Damascus. On the eastern side of Damascus, there will be a Mosque and Imam Mahdi will be preparing to offer the Asar prayer. Dajjal will get his army ready to fight against Imam Mahdi. Imam Mahdi will also get his army ready to fight against him. Imam Mahdi will be very worried because Dajjal will have a bigger army than his. So he and the Muslims will be praying to Allah, asking for help. Imam Mahdi and his army will go into the Mosque and prepare a plan. They will read Salaat Asar prayer. While Dajjal and his army will be surrounding the Mosque.