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Allah has made Heaven for the Muslims. In heaven, people will live comfortably. This is only made for the Muslims. Non believers will never enter Heaven. In Heaven, there will be cutlery made of gold and silver. Every person will be young their age will be thirty-three. Every person will be sixty yards tall. No one will have a beard, except Hazrat Ibrahim (alayhi salaam). The people who go to Heaven will never age they will stay young and never die. Heaven's material is one gold brick and one silver brick. People will get married and will have children. Everybody will have a piece of land that is as big as from Syria to Yemen. Every person will have 80,000 slaves. In Heaven there will be horses with wings. The people of heaven will sit on them and can go wherever they want. One person asked the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam), "If we want to do farming, could we do it?" Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) replied, "Yes, but if you want to do farming, when you put the seed in the soil, it will grow before you blink your eyes."

Allah created so many gifts in Heaven, but no one knows all of them. The biggest gift that Muslims will receive, is that Muslims will see Allah. Some of the heavenly people will be in the top floors and some will be on the bottom floors. The people who will be at the bottom floors will see the top floor people, just like we see the stars. In Heaven the biggest place will be Waseela. That is the place that Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) will get. Allah will tell the people of heaven, "I will give you my biggest gift, and that is my pleasure. I will never be angry with you, and I will always be pleased with you."

In Heaven there will be a market where the people of heaven will go every Friday. The wind will blow in a northerly direction, with which the people will look even more handsome and more beautiful. That market will not be for buying. In the market people will come to meet each other. The one who will go first to the market, their faces will be shining like the moon. The people who will go after, their faces will be shining like the stars. First the Prophets will go, then their followers will go. From the Prophets, Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) will go first. Out of the followers, Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) followers will go first into Heaven and they will be wearing crowns and there will be one diamond on the crowns. If that diamond shone on earth, it will shine from East to West.

In Heaven, Muslims will always praise Allah. They will never get tired when they praise Allah and Muslims also won't get tired when they worship Allah. Whatever Muslims want in Heaven, it will come to him or her by itself.

In Heaven all the Muslims will stay as friends. There they will never fight. They will never get ill in Heaven. They will never spit in Heaven. They will never go to the toilet in Heaven. When the Muslims burp in Heaven, all the food what they have eaten will be digested. They will not need to clean their nose in Heaven. It will stay clean by itself. In Heaven, there will be a bird as big as a camel. In Heaven, the first meal that the Muslims will get will be Heaven's fish kebabs, and Heaven's ox's meat.

In Heaven, there will be four streams. One will be water, one will be honey, one will be milk, and one will be Heaven's wine. In Heaven the Muslims will drink from these four streams. The Muslims in Heaven will watch the Hell people getting punishment from Allah, and the Muslims in Heaven will be standing up and watching. The Muslims in Heaven will say, "Oh look, how Allah has completed his promise, and Allah's promise was that the Muslims will go to Heaven and the non-believers will go to Hell."

In Heaven, the Hoors that are so beautiful that if a Hoor puts her hand out of the sky, her hand will shine like the sun. If a Hoor throws one of her nails on the earth, the whole world will become perfumed. All the Hoors will be wearing seventy clothes in Heaven. The Hoors will sing Allah's praise. If any of the Hoors smile, the whole of the Heaven will shine. The good Muslim ladies in heaven will have, an even higher status than the Hoors of Heaven.

The Muslims will say to the non-believers in Hell, "You are non-believers. That is why all of you are burning in fire. We Muslims are passing our lives comfortably in Heaven." In Heaven, Muslims will see their friends burning in Hell. The Muslims in Heaven will ask their friends in Hell, "Why did Allah put you in Hell?" They will say, "We never gave food to the poor, we never used to worship Allah, and we never read Salaat." Some of the non-believers will ask the Muslims in Heaven for water, but the Muslims in Heaven will say, "We can't even give you a glass of water because Allah has made everything in Heaven unlawful for you."


Allah will order a man to stand in front of Hell. He will have a lot of heat on his face from Hell. He will request to Allah, "Oh my Allah! Put my face towards Heaven because there is too much heat here." Allah will reply, "If I do this, will you ask anything else from me?" The man will say, "No, I won't ask for anything else." His face will be turned towards Heaven. After a while, the man will ask to Allah, "Take me in front of the gate of Heaven." Allah will say to him, "If I do this, you won't ask me for anything else." The man will say, "I will not ask for anything else." Allah will put the man in front of the gate of Heaven. When the man will see the beauty of Heaven he will say to Allah, "Oh Allah, send me into Heaven." Allah subhana wa ta'ala will say, "You promised me you would not ask me for anything else." The man will say, "After this I will not ask for anything else." Allah subhana wa ta'ala will send the man to Heaven and he will get a very big place in Heaven. He will be the last man to enter Heaven.