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Masjids are the houses of worship for Muslims. A Muslim should be always eager to go to the Masjid to perform prayer and thus could get reward, which our beloved prophet informed us about, in the Hadith:



Whoever goes to the Masjid or comes back from the Masjid, Allah will prepare his place in Jannah every time he goes or goes back.Whoever washes himself up for the prayer and then goes to the Masjid to perform prayer, every step he take to the Masjid, a sin will be washed out and a degree shall be given to him.



And Rasullah (S) informed us also that whoever maintains a Masjid and attaches himself /herself to the Masjid, such person will be among the seven categories of people who will be under the shade of Allah SWT on a day there will be no shade except the shade of Allah SWT.




Islam teaches us that there are certain etiquettes that should be observed and implemented when coming to the Masjid.



1. The person who comes should be clean from major impurities like, janabah, menses, and post child birth bleeding etc.



2. Wearing good perfume and putting on your nicest clothes. Rasulullah said A Muslim should remember to use Miswak or a tooth brush if he ever eats onion or garlic or any offensive type of food that has a strong smell. O Children of Adam! take your adornment at every place of worship, and eat and drink, but be not prodigal. Lo! He loveth not the prodigals. (7:31) Rasullah (SAW) said, Whoever eats garlic or onion, should avoid our Masjid.



3. Going to it most often. Rasullah said:

Shouldnt I guide you to something if it is done, Allah shall wash out your sins and raise your grades? The companions said, yes tell us. He said, perfecting your wudu, going to the Masjid often and waiting for the prayer after the prayer. (Muslim)




4. Making dua when going to the Masjid. Rasullah use to say on his way to the Masjid,O Allah Allah: enlighten my heart, enlighten my hearing, enlighten my eyesight, put light on my right side, put light on my left side, put light above me, put light from brhind me and provide light for me.



5. Walking slowly and humbly to the Masjid. Rasullah said,

If you hear the Iqamah, walk to the Masjid slowly and humbly and with tranquility and do not rush or run to catch prayer. If you catch it from the beginning that is fine otherwise, make up the rakats you missed. Agreed upon.



6. Entering the Masjid with the right foot and saying the dua. Rasullah (SAW) used to enter the Masjid with his right foot and used to say this dua Bismillah Allahuma Salli Ala Mohammad. Rabbi Ighfir Lee Zunubee Waftah Lee Abwaba Rahmatika. (Muslim)



7. To offer 2 rakaat for the greeting of the Masjid. Rasullah (SAW) said, If any person enters the Masjid, He should offer 2 rakaats for the greeting of the Masjid.



8. Not walking away from the Masjid when the Azan was proclaimed. Rasullah (SAW) said,If you were in the Masjid and you heard the Azan being proclaimed, let not

any one go out from the Masjid without offering the Salah, (Ahmed)



9. Keeping busy with the remembrance of Allah SWT. Rasullah (SAW) said, Masjid were made for the remembrance of Allah SWT, for the performance of the Salah and for reading the Quran. Agreed upon



10. Avoiding passing in front of a person praying. Unfortunately we tend to neglect this aspect. Rasullah said,

If the person who passes right in front of another person praying would know the seriousness of his act, it would better for him to stand 40 [] than passing in front of a praying person.



11. Maintaining the Masjid. This includes both physical and financial as well as spiritual maintenance. Allah SWT said, He only shall tend Allah's sanctuaries who believeth in Allah and the Last Day and observeth proper worship and

payeth the poor due and feareth none save Allah. For such (only) is it possible that they can be of the rightly guided. (9:18) Rasullah said If you see a person visit the Masjid often and maintains it, bear witness that he is a true believer. (Ahmed)



12. Avoiding shouting, yelling, cursing, or using improper language. One day, Omar [R] entered the Masjid of the Prophet and found them shouting at each other. Immediately, he

called them up and reprimanded them for doing such things. (Bukhari) Also a Muslim should avoid making any noise when a person is offering Salah.



13. Keeping it clean. Rasullah said, Spitting in the Masjid is a sin. Agreed upon



14. Building the Masjid for the pleasure of Allah SWT. Rasullah (SAW) said, Whoever builds a Masjid seeking the pleasure of Allah SWT, Allah shall construct for him a

palace in paradise.



15. Making Itikaf (seclusion) in the Masjid. A Muslim should intend to make itikaf every time he comes to the Masjid for any time period. Rasullah used to do it especially on the last ten

days of Ramadan.



16. Straightening the lines for prayers. Rasullah used to straighten the lines of people praying.



17. When going out of the Masjid a Muslim should go out with his left foot and say the dua, Bismillah Allahumma Salli Ala Mohammad Allahumma Asalika Min Fadlika.

(Muslim) Meaning: In the name of Allah, O Allah, send prayers and blessing to Mohammad O Allah, I ask you for your Grace and Mercy.




On Friday there are certain etiquettes that we need to be reminded of:


1. Taking a bath, wearing perfume and dressing nicely. Rasullah said,Whoever takes a bath on Friday, then comb his hair and wears perfume, then goes to the Masjid early, and then sits in his place listening attentively to the khutba and then offer the obligatory prayer, Allah shall forgive him his sins to the next Jummah.




2. Going early to the Masjid on Friday. Hadith:

Whoever washes himself up for Jummah, then walk to the Masjid in the early hour, it is as if he sacrificed a camel for Allahs sake, Whoever comes after that, it is as if he sacrificed a cow, whoever comes after that it is as if he sacrificed a lamb, whoever comes after that it is as if he sacrificed a chicken, whoever comes after that it is as if he gave an egg for the sake of Allah. When the Imam rise to deliver his Khutba, the angels would roll up their records and listen to the khutaba. Agreed upon.


3. Avoid passing the people to get a closer place while you are coming late. Once Rasullah (SAW) saw a man doing this and told him sit down for you have come late and you hurt



4. Listening to the Khutbah. Rasullah (SAW) said, Whoever speaks on Friday and the Imam is delivering his Khutbah he is like a donkey carrying a big load. (Ahmed)