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Hell is a place that Allah (subhana wa ta'ala) has made for the non-believers. Hell has seven doors and seven levels. The highest one is called Jahannam. The lowest one is called Haawiya. All the levels have different names: Jahunnam, Saqar, Nutaa, Hutamah, Sa'eer, Jaheem and Haawiya. Inside Hell there are 70,000 jungles. In every jungle, there are 70,000 sections. In every section there are 70,000 snakes and scorpions. Those snakes are very poisonous, that if they bite someone this poison will stay in them for forty years. They will always bite the non-believers. The scorpions will be as big as donkeys and the snakes will be as big as camels. The Hell fire will be seventy times hotter than the world's fire. On the order of Allah, when the people of Hell will be thrown into Hell, they will wear clothes. The clothes will be marked with fire. The snakes and the scorpions will bite the people. When they will be punished like this, they will die again and again, and they will become alive again and again. This will happen to them over and over again.

In Hell, the least punishment will be that the people will be given fire shoes to wear, with this the person's brain will boil, like water boils in the kettle. The person will think he will be having the most punishment even though this punishment will be the least. In Hell, starvation will trouble people. They will ask for food to eat. They will get Zaqqoom. This is going to be so disgusting that if one drop of this falls on the earth the whole of the earth's things will start to smell and become disgusting. A type of food will be given to them called Daree. This will also get stuck in their throats. To bring it down they will ask for water but they will get hot pus, which will be so dirty that if a bucket full of this falls on the world the whole world will become sour. It is going to be so hot that when the people of Hell put their faces down to drink it their faces will burn. When they drink this, it will cut everything inside their stomach. This will always happen with them. Bad Muslims may go to Hell, but they will not stay in Hell forever. Allah decides how long He wants them to stay. At the end of their punishment, they will go to Heaven. If Allah wants, he can forgive them or punish them. People, who do good deeds to show people, will go to a place in Hell called Hub-Hub. This is a very bad place of Hell and is so terrible that the other parts of Hell ask protection from it. The people of Hell will want to die, but they can't die because the Angel will have slaughtered death on the Day of Judgement. The people who worshipped statues, the stars, the moon etc, in their life on earth, will be with them. Allah wants to show them that they worshipped these things on earth, but now they are with them, but they can't help. The Devil (Shaytaan) will also be in Hell. The people will say to him, "You misled us, we are here because of YOU!" Devil will say, "Allah sent Prophets, and He sent books. You know I was wrong, so why did you follow me?"

The non-believers will ask the Angel's who are in charge of Hell to ask Allah to forgive them. When the Angel's request Allah, to forgive the non-believers, Allah will say to the Angel, "Tell the non-believers, I sent Messengers to you on earth. Why didn't you believe in what they said? So now you will remain in Hell forever." Then the non-believers will remain in Hell forever.