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About Me

Girls of this world nowdays tend to forget whats haram and whats not. Most of the girls tend to cut thier hair due to stupid reasons such as 'long hair makes me feel hot'. Some even cut it to beautify themselves which is haram.ALLAH did not create u to be beautify yourself.He won't see how you look when the day of judgement arrives.
Reasons girls give as follows
Long hair takes extremely long to dry.
Difficulty in drying the hair leads women to sleep with wet hair which results in neckaches, backaches and terrible headaches.
Reluctance of marital relations due to difficulty in keeping long hair.
Excessive hair loss.
Maintaining long hair is cumbersome and one feels extremely hot.


Hair takes extremely long to dry. We do not understand what you mean by extremely long how long? One hour, two hours or ten hours? During the time of Nabi (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam), the Arab women had long hair with tough plaits. In those days, there was no electricity and neither was there hot water. The solution was never ever to cut the hair. Nowadays with technology advancing almost every second, we have highly advanced hair dryers.

Reluctance of marital relations (due to difficulty of long hair). Surely, women of the past also experienced this difficulty? The solution was never to cut the hair. If this was a serious issue, then why didnt Rasulullah (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) explicitly issue a directive that women should cut their hair?

Excessive hair loss. This problem could easily be overcome by consulting ones physician who will prescribe appropriate medication.

Maintaining long hair is cumbersome and one feels extremely hot. Again, the argument is baseless. Today, long hair is cumbersome and one feels hot, tomorrow, another woman will say that Hijaab is cumbersome and one feels extremely hot in it. Another woman will claim that to wear normal clothes on a hot summers day is cumbersome It is the natural Fitrat of a woman to maintain long hair. The intensity of the heat in Arab countries needs no explanation. Despite that, Nabi (Sallallaahu Alayhi Wasallam) never made cutting the hair the solution to this problem. There are so many women with long hair who do not complain or feel cumbersome and hot on account of their hair. Rather than squandering wealth at hair beauty salons, save they very same wealth and utilize it to purchase a few fans or an air conditioner.

Maintaining long hair is Takleef maa laa yutaaq. Allah Taala is Hakeem and He never makes one mukallaf of something beyond his/her capability. If maintaining long hair was takleef maa laa yutaaq, then Allah Taala would have clearly and explicitly said, O women, cut your hair, keep it short, its cumbersome, dont grow it.

How long should a woman grow her hair. The Fuqahaa have granted permission that if the hair of a woman grows beyond her back/hips then it will be permissible to trim the excess hair.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best